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Joy Rust



Sacramento, California


(317) 850-9422


Marketing and Branding Strategy

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For five years, Joy Rust served as the marketing manager for Common Ground Food Co-op in Urbana, Illinois, one of the fastest growing food co-ops in the country.

Joy oversaw the marketing department during multiple phases of growth:  a major store expansion, brand redesign and owner loan campaign.  Joy is also experienced with graphic design as well as new store planning and design.

Joy is personally and professionally motivated to help co-ops create a more sophisticated and polished image so more people readily understand their benefit in the communities they serve.  “Good marketing can really make a difference,” she said.  “With a strong brand, a food co-op can enhance their image as a resource, a community center, and a place to learn more about food.”

Joy is passionate about the co-op model because of the difference it makes in the lives of others, and spreading the word about that is integral to a co-op’s growth and success.  Joy believes that a strong focus on a positive price image, internal communications and external branding will create more opportunities for food co-ops into the future.  Joy’s skills as a consultant provide clients the tools and coaching needed to enhance their marketing department’s ability to meet today’s challenges to deliver resonant messaging in a crowded marketplace.

Joy's services include:

  • Brand audits 
  • Planning and marketing member-owner drives
  • Marketing strategies for successful owner loan campaign
  • Planning for store opening
  • Effective store promotions
  • Social media strategy 


“ I wholeheartedly recommend Joy. She is a phenomenal graphic designer and brand developer. She is talented and pragmatic and has the passion for our movement. ”

Jacqueline Hannah, Food Co-op Development Specialist, Food Co-op Initiative (former GM, Common Ground Food Co-op)

“ Joy has strong marketing insights. She understands target marketing and knows to take a step back and think about objectives before developing a plan. ”

Kelly Smith, Director of Marketing and Communications, National Co+op Grocers