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PJ Hoffman



St. Paul, Minnesota


(651) 260-1206


Retail Design

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PJ Hoffman is a grocery industry veteran who has for decades provided retail management and technical assistance for food co-ops, private natural food stores, and natural grocery wholesalers.

After fifteen years of retail experience in supermarkets and co-ops, PJ started Blooming Prairie Warehouse’s Retail Services program in 1988 and began designing stores.  He also created a wholesale-based equipment purchasing program to better serve retails involved in remodels and expansions.  He went on to head the Store Development Services department at United Natural Foods (and during those years also partnered with CDS Consulting Co-op), and was most recently a business development director of the National Cooperative Grocers Development Co-op.

PJ has a deep understanding of the retail experience from nearly every perspective:  as a manager, line staff, buyer, vendor and customer.  “My design focus is on highly functional stores that meet the practical needs of all its constituents,” he said.  From his long experience with retail functions, store layout, and store equipment, he knows how to optimize space and capital to provide customers with a superior shopping experience while creating labor and mechanical efficiencies.  Using these skills to promote the growth and development of co-ops keeps him continually motivated.  “All throughout my career what drives me is the power of locally owned economic institutions.  I believe our economic system is better off with more co-ops in all sectors.”

PJ’s services include:


“ PJ’s skill in laying out an efficient floor plan is invaluable. As a former store operator, PJ recognizes that poor design can contribute to lost productivity. His years of experience provide him with the vision to make design recommendations for long-term sales potential. ”

Amy Fields, former General Manager, Community Mercantile and Eastside Food Co-op

“ City Market has worked with PJ Hoffman on a number of projects - from a reset of our bulk department to working on our new 30,000 sq. ft. store. He has been the consummate professional throughout the process. Part of our success will be credited to PJ’s work. ”

Pat Burns, former General Manager, City Market/Onion River Co-op, Burlington, Vermont

“ I just love working with PJ. I can count on him to come up with fresh designs, based on a solid understanding of how retail works and a respect for my budget. ”

Gail Graham, General Manager, Mississippi Market, St. Paul, Minn.

“ We were lucky to have had PJ's years of expertise and experience mastermind our second store design. The process of designing a 20,000 sq ft store with many site challenges was fun, engaging and thoughtful. We’re very happy with the finished product. ”

Bruce Palma, General Manager, Co-opportunity Natural Foods, Santa Monica, CA