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Walden Swanson



Andover, Massachusetts


(919) 968-8799


CoCoFiSt and CoCoFiSt Workshops

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Walden Swanson has been involved with food co-ops since the early 1970’s.

He has managed both retails and wholesales and has worked extensively as a consultant with food co-ops. Walden currently manages CoCoFiSt (Common Cooperative Financial Statements), a project that compiles, analyzes and compares financial and operating data from co-ops around the country. The purpose of CoCoFiSt is to enable cooperatives to improve operations faster than the competition.

Walden has long been recognized for his vision, innovation and dynamic leadership as a consultant in the U.S. and abroad. Walden said, “My passion is to empower cooperatives and community development organizations through the use of data, technology and management best practices.”

Walden is a recipient of the Cooperative Service Award, the Cooperative Innovation/Achievement Award, the Honored Cooperator Award, and was inducted into the Cooperative Hall of Fame in 2008.

Walden’s services include:

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“ Using CoCoFiSt for goal-setting was one of our first steps from going from a mediocre operator to being one of the best! ”

Dan Gillotte, General Manager, Wheatsville Co-op, Austin, Texas

“ To make great bread, a baker uses a recipe. A cabinetmaker builds furniture with a ruler and a blueprint. A pilot navigates through clouds with GPS and radar. Each business has its essential tools for success. CoopMetrics are ours. ”

Clem Nilan, former General Manager City Market/Onion River Co-op, Burlington, Vt.