Cooperative Governance

Celebrating its 10th year, this award-winning innovative program provides ongoing support to boards and general managers (GM). Cooperative Board Leadership Development (known as CBLD and pronounced C-build) provides direct support via close contact with boards, board leaders and GMs at individual co-ops, through in-person regional sessions, and by continually adding useful resources to its open access online library. CBLD support utilizes the Four Pillars of Cooperative Governance—Teaming, Accountable Empowerment, Strategic Leadership and Democracy. The Four Pillars of Cooperative Governance model (4PCG) offers directors and managers a framework for approaching their work grounded in cooperative values. Support for GMs focuses primarily on the Board/GM relationship. About 115 co-ops are enrolled in CBLD. Participating in CBLD provides support to your co-op and our community of co-ops.

We invite you to join us in a program that adds value to board work, heightens effective cooperative ownership and governance, and enriches a thriving cooperative development culture. CBLD also makes it easier to connect with other board leaders from numerous regions at the in-person sessions, where participants can share information, gain new leadership tools, and participate in conversations about expanding our cooperative communities.

Features and Benefits

Participation in the CBLD program includes regular contact with a member of the Governance and Ownership Team (GO Team), planning and facilitation of a one-day board retreat, a variety of in-person sessions, the monthly newsletter Connections, and access to resources via the CDS Consulting Co-op Library.

CBLD is a calendar-year program with an annual fee and is designed to assist your board all year long. The CBLD fee for 2015 is $6,650, paid in quarterly installments in March, June, September and October. In addition, your co-op is responsible for costs associated with your retreat and attending in-person events.

In addition to the CBLD program, our consultants offer a wide range of board development services to meet your needs. For additional information about how our consultants can support your co-op, please contact Mark Goehring.