Great Idea: Save the Dates for CBLD in 2012

CBL101s, Leadership Trainings and Strategic Seminars coming in January – March 2012

CBL101register here

Four sessions will be held in January. Pick the one closest to you or the one that works best for your calendar.

  • January 21 – Minneapolis
  • January 21 – Albuquerque
  • January 28 – Brattleboro, VT
  • January 28 – Asheville, NC

Cooperative Board Leadership 101 (CBL101) is an in-person, multi-co-op, one-day training designed to provide a strong foundation for directors. While especially helpful for those new to co-op boards, all directors, top level managers, and board candidates are welcome to participate.

The day includes:

  • Cooperative Values and Principles
  • Board Roles and Responsibilities
  • Principles of Policy Governance
  • Basic Financial Understanding

Upwards of 1500 directors, managers and board candidates have attended this training over the past seven years and is highly recommended by participants!

“The immediate value of the CBL101 session is the learning opportunity it provides participants. The long term value comes from boards routinely sending their newly elected directors to the session over time. This helps create a common understanding about the board’s role in co-op leadership and governance,” said Mark Goehring, CDS CC CBLD consultant.

Leadership Training – new in 2012 – register here

This new in-person, one-day, multi-co-op session is designed to provide board leaders with training that will help them incorporate the strategic process into the board’s work plan, build more effective teams and develop themselves as board leaders, with the goal of strong leadership for co-ops. Board chairs, GMs and others interested in board leadership are encouraged to attend.

We are piloting the training two times in 2012, running alongside the CBL101 sessions in these locations*:

  • January 21 – Minneapolis
  • January 28 – Brattleboro, VT

Leadership Training includes segments on

  • Personal Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Organizational Leadership – introduction to Cooperative Strategic Leadership (CSL)
    • Building an effective Top Leadership Team
    • How to create and use a Knowledge Pool
    • How to have a Strategic Conversation

“This training will explore what goes into successful leadership, that critical element that can transform frustration, stagnation, or underwhelming results into high-functioning top-performance teams and organizations,” said Joel Kopischke, CDS CC CBLD consultant.

*The current plan being explored is to offer Leadership Training every other year in 4 to 5 locations alongside of CBL101, which is offered nine times each year.

Strategic Co-op Seminars logo
Strategic Seminars – new in 2012 – register here

We are piloting a new regional conference model, the strategic co-op seminar, designed for whole boards and managers. The goals are to support the strategic conversations and thinking of individual co-op boards and to build community among boards at the same time.
Save the dates! Specific locations coming soon. Approximate start and end times: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

  • March 3 – Southeast – greater Asheville area
  • March 17 – Minnesota / Wisconsin – greater La Crosse area
  • March 31 – Northeast – greater Brattleboro area

Map of US showing regions where seminars will be held
Strategic Seminars will include inspiring and enlightening keynote speakers, facilitated conversations with directors and GMs from other co-ops in the region, and handy “bring it home” guides so that boards can continue the conversations in their own communities.

International Year of Cooperatives logo The themes for the first round of seminars will tie closely to the UN themes for International Year of Cooperatives: Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World:

  • Increase public awareness about cooperatives and their contributions to socio-economic development and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals
  • Promote the formation and growth of cooperatives
  • Encourage governments to establish policies, laws and regulations conducive to the formation, growth and stability of cooperatives

Details are coming together on these events, but if one is happening in your region please do save the date now! The cost of attending will largely be covered by sponsors, with participating co-ops contributing a modest fee not to exceed $300 per co-op plus your travel expense.

Not in one of these regions? You are welcome to attend anyway; you can plan to attend a virtual IYC tour by connecting to our live webstreams of the keynote speakers, or access the recordings and “bring it home” guides via the CBLD Library. Other online interactive details to come.

We’ll send information directly to co-ops in these three regions as it becomes available, and will include more details in the January Connections sent out on Thursday January 5, or feel free to contact Mark Goehring at

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