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This is an exciting time for food co-ops. Communities all around the country are undergoing a resurgence of cooperation as more and more people experience the benefits of having a co-op in their city or town. Established food co-ops have expanded and added locations, and areas without food co-ops are starting new ones.

Boards have a unique and complex role to play in this dynamic cooperative economy, and the Cooperative Board Leadership Development (known as CBLD and pronounced C-build) supports boards as they do this important work. CBLD consultants, co-op boards and management work together to address governance priorities of individual co-ops participating in the program, and that work in turn strengthens the shared understanding of effective governance for the co-op community.

CDS Consulting Co-op has created a model of cooperative governance recognizing the unique needs of the co-op world. Based on the results of the CBLD team’s research and deep experience with food co-op boards, the Four Pillars of Cooperative Governance model (4PCG) offers directors and managers a framework for approaching their work grounded in cooperative values.

CBLD is in its 10th year, with more than 90% of CBLD clients renewing each of those 10 years! We invite you to join us in a program that adds value to board work, heightens effective cooperative ownership and governance, and enriches a thriving cooperative development culture. CBLD also makes it easier to connect with other board leaders from numerous regions at the in-person sessions, where participants can share information, gain new leadership tools, and participate in conversations about expanding our cooperative communities.

CBLD is a calendar-year program with an annual fee and is designed to assist your board all year long.

In addition to the CBLD program, our consultants offer a wide range of board development services to meet your needs. For additional information about how our consultants can support your co-op, please contact Mark Goehring

Features and benefits

  • 15 hours of ongoing consulting customized for your unique needs and issues
  • One-day board retreat planning and facilitation planning and facilitation
  • In-person sessions:
    • CBL 101—Foundations Class for Directors
    • Leadership Training
    • The Cooperative Cafe
  • Library of resources: Online recorded workshops, field guides, videos, sample policies, useful links, and valuable tools
  • Subscription to Connections, CBLD’s monthly online newsletter
  • Startup support – 4in3 Support Program and CBLD for Startups

More information

Contact Mark Goehring (MarkGoehring@cdsconsulting.coop)

Download our brochure here (1.3MB)


Associated Consultants

Art Sherwood — 812-361-5816 — ArtSherwood@cdsconsulting.coop
Board Leadership Development
Ben Sandel — 540-421-6976 — BenSandel@cdsconsulting.coop
Leadership Development, Startup Co-ops, Capitalization
Joel Kopischke — 414-803-6725 — JoelKopischke@cdsconsulting.coop
Board Leadership Development
Leslie Watson — 612-275-6225 — LeslieWatson@cdsconsulting.coop
Board Leadership Development
Marilyn Scholl — 802-387-6013 — MarilynScholl@cdsconsulting.coop
Policy Governance, Board Training, Facilitation, and Assessment, Cooperative Development
Mark Goehring — 802-380-3824 — MarkGoehring@cdsconsulting.coop
Leadership Development, Policy Governance, Facilitation, Member Linkage
Michael Healy — 802-864-9724 — MichaelHealy@cdsconsulting.coop
Policy Governance, Team Building, Communication
Rose Marie Klee — 512-736-6510 — RoseMarieKlee@cdsconsulting.coop
Board Leadership Development
Thane Joyal — 315-380-4522 — ThaneJoyal@cdsconsulting.coop
Leadership, Board Training
Todd Wallace — 503-307-8797 — ToddWallace@cdsconsulting.coop
Board Leadership Development

Other Resources

For more information on Policy Governance, visit www.carvergovernance.com

Read more about the Four Pillars of Cooperative Governance in the January/February 2014 and March/April 2014 issues of the Cooperative Grocer.

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