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January 10, 2012
Creating a Vision
Presented by Bill Gessner, CDS Consulting, and Stuart Reid, Food Co-op Initiative

This webinar focuses on how to build a shared vision for your emerging cooperative business. Being clear on what you want to accomplish and why you are doing this is essential to success. What is the right size for your co-op? Are you over-aiming or under aiming? How can you dream wildly and then move forward realistically through study, research, organizing, planning and action? Which parts of your vision can be accomplished in the start up phase (first 5 years of operations) and which will come after the business is more financially stable? How can you create realistic expectations and excitement among potential member owners without over promising what the co-op can deliver right away? How can you create a learning organization that is inspired and deeply committed? View this webinar to create a shared vision that is both feasible and achievable.

January 17, 2012
Create Priorities and Build Alignment for Each Stage
Presented by Bill Gessner and Jeanie Wells, CDS Consulting

This webinar focuses on developing a system for moving through the ’4 Cornerstones in 3 Stages’ development model for start-up food co-ops. View this webinar to learn how to create a work plan and checklist for each stage of your project including the dynamics of building alignment within your co-op throughout the start-up process and beyond.

January 24, 2012
Co-op Technology Toolkit
Presented by Jake Schlachter, Food Co-op Initiative

Starting a new co-op often requires us to create new systems and processes for managing information, communication, people, effort, money, and time. On top of that, the people starting a co-op are usually not working in the same place at the same time, but are often collaborating over the Internet after work (and sometimes during!). Fortunately, there has never been a better time for collaborative group work online, and new tools become available every year. View this webinar for on a round-up of both the systems that new start-ups typically need as well as the best free tools for getting the job done with your team.

February 7, 2012
Effective Boards and Teams: Structure and Accountability
Presented by Ben Sandel and Michael Healy, CDS Consulting

Balancing the many tasks to be done and the people needed to do them is essential to successfully starting a co-op. View this webinar to learn how to achieve that balance through an effective Board/Team structure and a strong accountability system.

February 14, 2012
Effective Boards and Teams: Team work, process and decision making
Presented by Ben Sandel and Michael Healy, with Art Sherwood, CDS Consulting

With limited time and energy it is essential that startup groups work effectively. View this webinar to explore constructive skills and processes that help teams work together and make decisions — so more time and energy can be devoted to building your co-op!

February 21
Starting a New Buying Club
Presented by Stuart Reid and/or Jake Schlachter, Food Co-op Initiative

What is a buying club, and how is that different from a food cooperative? When might one be better than the other? What do new buying clubs need to do to get started? Are there software or other resources out there that can make the effort easier and more successful.
If you’re starting a new buying club, view this webinar to answer these questions and others.

Past Webinars

CDS Consulting Co-op has produced over 20 webinars which have been recorded for your use.

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Our presenters are nationally recognized experts with many years experience supporting both established and new co-ops. The workshops are based on the Four Cornerstones in Three Stages model developed by CDS Consulting Co-op and Cooperative Development Services.

Food Co-op Initiative has co-sponsored these recorded workshops to help you understand how to start a new food co-op.