About CDS Consulting Co-op

CDS Consulting Co-op is a cooperative of consultants working together, and that means we put into practice what we preach. 

All of our consultants act in service to the values of cooperation, and we support independent member-driven co-ops getting the benefit of mutual aid, collaboration, and expertise. Our consultants specialize in co-op governance, leadership development, expansions, retail improvement, marketing, member services and human resources.

Our consultants help clients develop the insight, skills and resources they need to adapt to market challenges and be models of teamwork and cooperation in their communities. Through experienced assessment, coaching and planning assistance, our team works with clients to strengthen internal and external business systems and relationships that result in profitability and greater capacity to fulfill their mission.

CDS Consulting Co-op consultants are from the communities they serve. The majority of CDS Consulting Co-op members are former staff or directors of cooperatively-owned businesses. When you work with us, you get the benefit of experienced specialists with a passion for service that enhances every co-op’s ability to serve its own community.

Our clients and business partners are co-ops in various sectors, natural food grocery industry, and cooperative and community development.

Our clients tell us again and again that with the assistance of CDS Consulting Co-op, they can realize their goals as exemplary businesses, create meaningful work, build community, and do good.

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