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Carolee Colter



Nelson, British Columbia, Canada


(250) 505-5166


Employee Surveys, Human Resources Systems, Tools and Training

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Since 1984, Carolee Colter has consulted for consumer and worker co-ops and other small community-based businesses.

Carolee started her career working for a co-op warehouse in 1973 and right away found that human resources were her niche because she has always been interested in what makes for a positive workplace. Throughout the years, she has helped hundreds of co-ops develop human resources policy, job descriptions, and training and evaluation programs.

Using a collaborative problem-solving approach, Carolee helps co-ops to create productive and satisfying workplaces. “The foundation of all the consulting I do is listening. People are more willing to embrace a decision if they have a voice and are heard. Every person brings a valuable perspective,” she said.

Carolee’s services include:

“ The employee survey reporting that Carolee conducted for BriarPatch was the best I’ve seen. The analysis was thorough, methodology was logical and the recommendations were on target with the findings of the survey. ”

Debbie Plass, Board President, BriarPatch Community Market, Grass Valley, Calif.

“ The management team at St. Peter Food Co-op has really jelled, are taking accountability issues seriously, raising the bar and becoming quite effective…The management team credits Carolee's work with our new outlook. ”

Margo O’Brien, General Manager, St. Peter Food Co-op, St. Peter, Minn.

“ The staff and managers alike truly enjoyed sharing in Carolee's energy and perspectives. We would not be where we are now…without Carolee in the process. ”

Liza Tedesco, General Manager, Chico Natural Foods Co-op, Chico, Calif.