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Dan Gillotte



Austin, Texas


(512) 689-8566


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Dan Gillotte’s leadership has made an indelible impact not only in his local community, but for cooperatives around the country.

Dan has experience in nearly every role in a cooperative:  as a member of the staff, board member and manager.  He wants to share those insights to help others build business relationships focused on sustainability and success.

In addition to being the general manager of Wheatsville Food Co-op in Austin, Tex., he is also the board chair for the National Cooperative Grocers.  He has always been focused on an ever-expanding vision of co-op impact.  Dan was instrumental in securing early support for Black Star, the first cooperatively-owned brewpub in the U.S., and the creation of the Austin Cooperative Business Association, a cross-sector collaboration group.

Dan is a proponent of efforts to share what works and cross-pollinate workplaces from all aspects of co-op operations, from management team development, financing and expansion projects.  “It’s important to be systematic about how we do things, to think broadly and strategically.  I can help co-op general managers with how to do that.”  By working with Dan, clients gain understanding, visionary experience and a supportive confidante.

Dan was a successful early adopter of the Open Book management, and has done numerous trainings on its implementation and improvement.  He also offers instruction for a program he developed called the Wheatsville Way.  “It’s something that can be adapted to any organization looking to establish accountability based on friendly, positive, cooperative and high-achieving goals.”