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Darin Short



Goshen, Indiana


(574) 238-5514


Intercultural Training, Coaching

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Darin Short is committed to the alignment of overarching organizational/department/environmental purpose with intercultural development.

From a young age, Darin Short was aware that different people or groups struggled to connect with each other.  As he began his professional career, he wanted to do something about a growing awareness of inequality.  As an accountant, he focused his energies on financial and social justice through micro-lending and responsible investing.  When he encountered the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI) tool he felt an immediate correlation to something very impactful.  “The IDI is a developmental tool that provides people a direction forward.  Some of the work in the intercultural and anti-racism training fields don’t always include that.”

A core aspect of his work is administering the IDI and working with clients on their intercultural development through trainings and coaching.  (Yet he still professes an enduring love for numbers and spreadsheets.)  Over the years he has worked with many culturally diverse groups using the IDI as a tool.  “I could see how everyone appreciated the developmental approach,” which convinced him that it could be of immense value.

Part of his work is helping clients identify areas where they could implement intercultural development in their organizations.  This could include organizational planning, hiring and training staff to meet cultural competence goals, and systems change to address the needs of a diverse population.  “I also understand the realities of running an organization or business, and all of the complexities that involves.” 

“I see the co-op world as a model for pursuing economic justice.” Darin acknowledges that one of the challenges the work presents is building trust, and that is something he enjoys helping others identify and build.  “Most people and organizations that do this want to take their intercultural awareness to the next level.  The IDI gives a framework and language for making change.”

Darin's focus is on intercultural training, coaching, dialogue facilitation and organizational development. Strategic and operational concerns can be helped by increasing intercultural competency. All organizations can benefit from Darin's work, include co-ops, community development organizations, and international organizations. Darin's services can benefit:

  • Boards
  • General managers
  • Management-Executive leadership
  • Front of the line staff
  • Community Leaders (including municipal leaders and general leaders)