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Garland McQueen



Atlanta, Georgia


(404) 786-3508


Operational and Financial Improvement, Interim Management Solutions

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Garland McQueen has enjoyed a career in the grocery industry as a store operations expert, working on improving bottom-line performance for multiple grocery retails (Food Lion, Winn-Dixie, Yes! Organic Markets and others), around the United States.

He has worked in both the conventional and natural sectors in almost all aspects of the grocery business: retail, wholesale, purchasing, and merchandizing. Garland likes variety and he likes a challenge. By his own admission, he calls himself an adrenalin junky. “I like to take a tough situation and turn it around,” he said. That’s what has led to his work as a consultant with food co-ops and other retail grocery stores, assisting them as interim management that helps improve systems and set the stage for growth.

Garland’s approach to his work is to support stronger operations, and he thinks that this is best achieved through encouraging everyone in the organization to be part of the solution. Often the key areas he focuses on are profitability, sales, staffing and morale. He’s a believer in enhancing local talent, and with every store he works with, his goal is create pathways for further staff development. “I’ve found that people really want to be part of the solution, especially existing staff,” Garland said. “As part of my work, I institute a succession plan so things can run well after I leave.” He especially likes working with cooperatives because of their emphasis on education and high quality—traits that lend themselves to strong community relationships. “We’re a people business,” he said. “I like being a part of improving those relationships.”

Garland’s services include:

  • Interim General Management
  • Strategic planning, business development and operations expansion
  • Leadership and staff development
  • Planning to enhance profitability, sales and retail systems
  • Inventory management and cash flow control
  • Operational productivity
  • Customer service
  • Merchandising for effect in all areas: food, non-food, perishables
  • High volume purchasing (multi-store) for all areas of retail food industry

“ While acting as interim general manager for Harvest Moon, Garland stabilized & developed our staff and significantly improved product selection, purchasing and inventory management, marketing and merchandising. Our store has gone from 1-2 % annual revenue growth to consistent 8-9 % growth. Garland has also brought great reporting and transparency of store operations to the Board. He has taught us how to work with a seasoned GM and has helped us better define Board vs. GM roles. ”

Jennifer Weiss, Board Vice President, Harvest Moon Natural Foods, Long Lake, MN

“ Garland served as interim GM at the Syracuse Real Food Co-op from late 2013 through early 2014. We had lost our GM after a very difficult financial year for our small co-op. Garland turned around our financial performance and provided strong leadership that had very positive impacts for our staff. His professionalism helped our board build clarity and confidence. I recommend him very highly. ”

Thane Joyal, Board President, Syracuse Real Food Co-op, Syracuse, NY

“ Garland was hired as General Manager to create and focus necessary energy to facilitate our expansion. This included garnering funding from banks. I have, and would continue to, recommend Garland’s services to other co-ops without hesitation. ”

David Von Mills, Board Vice President, Valley Food Co-op, Alamosa, CO