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Holly Fearing



Madison, Wisconsin


(608) 213-5194


Social Media Strategies

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Holly Fearing’s expertise spans multi-platform marketing and communications planning, including video, public speaking and online and social media for credit unions and other cooperatives.

In addition to her consulting work, Holly currently serves as the board chair for Willy Street Grocery Co-op and leads the social media advisory program for Filene Research Institute; a think tank focused on credit unions and consumer finance.  She also founded Dane Cooperative Alliance, a cross-sector business association for cooperatives located in Madison, Wisc.  Throughout her professional life, Holly has always wanted to make a difference, and that’s what drew her to cooperatives.  She wants people to know about them and love them like she does.

Holly thinks “passion is an untapped resource” in co-ops because when it comes to social media, people often don’t know what to do to be effective.  “I like to get people to rethink the way they approach social media.  It’s a tool like any other, and it’s an important way to tell your story,” she said.  With her assistance, clients overcome barriers to social media proficiency, be it technological or strategic planning, and get support to achieve greater visibility and meet their business goals.  “Co-ops can reach new audiences and do more community outreach when they tie everything they do to social media.  It helps the organization meet its goals and ultimately support the co-op’s owners,” Holly said.

Holly’s also a strong proponent of the farm to table movement, and said she’s obsessed with urban gardening.  She devotes time to supporting these interests because she likes how they are tied to food co-ops and what they want to accomplish, too.  Spending time growing food and plants connects her to the purpose of her work.  Holly said it’s so beneficial personally and professionally because that’s when she gets her best ideas.  “I like to achieve tangible results,” she said.

Holly’s services include:

  • Assessment of existing social media platforms
  • Social media set-up, training and presentations
  • Social media content calendar creation
  • Social media reputation management
  • Strategic plan creation and build
  • Campaign support and build
  • Competitive social media analysis
  • Search engine optimization evaluation and planning

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