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Jamila Medley



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


(732) 328-8970


Leadership Development

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Jamila Medley is a trainer and facilitator who provides inspiration and guidance to groups seeking participation and engagement.

She helps people think about things in new ways and put their plans into action via strong collaboration.  She is currently the executive director of the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance, where she extends her passion for working with all kinds of cooperative groups—those dreaming about starting one, to assisting existing ones strengthening their democratic practices.

She believes that everyone has leadership capacity.  “We all have some responsibility to ourselves and the people we work with to lead well.”  Jamila thinks shared leadership yields the best results, especially for organizations striving to serve diverse constituencies.  “We can create cultures and systems that allow for different kinds of leadership to be present and serve the organization’s mission.  Part of the expectation is to create something together.”

Often her clients find themselves doing work they have never done before, and she helps them gain the confidence they need to build structures so that the people involved are invested in their work and are highly collaborative.  “I am here to support people engaged in their own development, not telling people what to do.”

Jamila works both with nonprofit and cooperative groups.  “I appreciate cooperatives because the work often goes beyond helping people with an immediate need.  Co-ops are about people actualizing their own self- and community-determination.”