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Jeanie Wells



Lawrence, Kansas


(785) 766-8454


Capacity Assessment, Transitional Planning and Coaching

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Jeanie Wells has worked in the food co-op sector since 1996.

She was the general manager at Community Mercantile until 2009, where she built strong infrastructure, systems and a fostered a strong management team, in addition to planning and leading two major expansions, before leaving to become a food co-op consultant. 

At CDS CC, Jeanie focuses on operational improvement and planning, organizational capacity assessment and development plans, and price strategy development.  Jeanie often works in tandem with expansion planning efforts to help create solid internal readiness plans.  A benefit of working with Jeanie is that she brings insight and the relevant current management practices to her work, whether working with small co-ops or large multi-store operations. 

“I love creating systems," Jeanie said.  She began her career stocking in the produce department because she was interested in learning about how local food systems and cooperation work.  “That has carried me forward.  It is what brought me to where I am and holds my passion now.  My enthusiasm for systems and order is also why I also enjoy organizational structure development and expansion planning.  Strong planning and systems can help co-ops achieve so much more as they take on big expansion projects.”

Jeanie’s services include:

  • Organizational capacity and staffing structures
  • Developing strong and effective management teams
  • Improving organization-wide communication, merchandising and operational systems
  • Developing comprehensive pricing strategies

“ Jeanie's recommendations for changing our organizational structure eliminated overlapping grey areas of responsibility and allowed us to devote more resources to effectively support in-store branding projects. In other words, we had a log jam and Jeanie helped get the flow going again, with great results! ”

Francis Murphy, General Manager, Neighborhood Co-op Grocery, Carbondale, IL

“ Jeanie did an excellent job of assessing our current structure and then providing us with a road map to begin preparing for the operation of a much larger store. Her communication skills helped us navigate a particularly difficult situation. Any GM would gain confidence by having Jeanie as their sounding board and advocate. ”

Matt Stanley, General Manager, Astoria Co-op Grocery, Astoria, Oregon

“ Jeanie has quite a skill set for assessing and untangling very tangled organizational structures. In very clear, concise language she showed us how we could streamline our efforts and work together for a common goal. Her expertise and insightful recommendations made me wonder why I waited so long to hire her! Our future looks much brighter now. And much less tangled. ”

Care Kerlin, General Manager, Whole Foods Co-op, Erie, Penn.

“ Jeanie’s analysis of our current situation and the roadmap she provided us created a real sense of shared purpose and has significantly reduced the stress accompanying these changes. After discussing her analysis, the management team unanimously decided to implement Jeanie’s recommendation to move to a core team environment. ”

Amy Fields, former General Manager, Eastside Food Co-op, Minneapolis, Minn.

“ As a newer GM, I continue to find Jeanie an invaluable resource for my own growth, development, and support in everything from handling delicate HR issues, to improving cash flow and inventory management, to sound planning for our co-op’s future. What a difference it would have made to have Jeanie’s knowledge and supportive energy to call on when I first took on the GM role. Jeanie would be an amazing asset to any GM who feels they could use ongoing support and continual growth in their role. ”

Jacqueline Hannah, General Manager, Common Ground Food Co-op, Urbana, Ill.