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LaDonna Sanders Redmond



Minneapolis, Minnesota


(612) 314-2016


Intercultural Training, Coaching, Equity & Inclusion

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LaDonna Sanders-Redmond works to promote equity and inclusion as a cooperative value.

LaDonna Sanders Redmond began her career in Chicago, and rapidly made an impact raising awareness for equal access to healthy food in her community.  Currently based in Minneapolis, LaDonna is a nationally-respected community organizer, food justice advocate, public speaker and equity systems trainer.

Her food justice work led to her becoming a 2003 W.K. Kellogg Foundation Food & Safety Policy Fellow, and she was also featured as a Responsibility Pioneer in Time magazine.  LaDonna is a powerful storyteller and has honed her skill as the host of regular radio shows focused on the arts and health.  She is the presenter of two popular TEDx talks on food justice.

She has worked with Seward Community Co-op as the diversity and community engagement manager since 2014.  Her organizing experience played a vital role in the development and opening of the Seward Community Co-op’s Friendship store located in South Minneapolis.  “To me the personal is political, and that means the personal is community.  I want to make the world a better place, and equity and inclusion are the things I most want to see in the world.”

LaDonna appreciates the co-op model as a way for people to work together economically and socially, one that ideally cultivates leadership from a variety of roles and viewpoints.  She assists clients with the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI), equity coaching, and establishing systems of leadership and decision-making that include more people.

“People think equity work is hard and that sometimes it can’t be done.  Yet I feel encouraged, because I know people have more capacity than they imagine.”  She thinks it’s imperative that organizations commit to inclusivity because the world is changing and building capacity for the future starts now.  “The work you do today impacts tomorrow, and that has a generational impact.”

LaDonna's consulting work focuses on issues of equity and inclusion surrounding race, class and gender.  LaDonna's services include:

  • Audit and Assessment
  • Education and Training
  • Leadership Development/Coaching
  • Engagement (Community/Staff)
  • Crisis Transition Intervention/Management
  • Meeting/Retreat Facilitation
  • Communications