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Melanie Reid



Savage, Minnesota


(612) 919-0508


Employee Surveys, Human Resources Systems, Tools and Training

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Melanie has worked in natural food co-ops since 1996 and discovered her calling as a people developer, advocate for small farmers, fair trade practices and healthy food choices.

For many years she was the human resource manager at Linden Hills Food Co-op in Minneapolis, and in 2004 joined the leadership team in the beginning phases of opening Just Food in Northfield, Minn., where she was promoted to general manager in 2008.

Her areas of expertise include fostering organizational culture, improving human resource practices and leadership development. She also has governance know-how, and was instrumental in opening Eastside Food Co-op in Minneapolis while serving on its board. Melanie has demonstrated a long-standing passion for startups, and she is pleased to share the benefit of her experience with co-ops in all phases of their development.

“I’m really excited about assisting co-ops with building good systems from the start and developing their workplace culture,” Melanie said. She knows what it takes to construct operations from scratch, engage both staff and community, and build a strong sales base. Melanie especially underscores the importance of making good decisions that allow co-ops to be successful in the long term, and this includes how to manage people and situations well. That’s why she’s thrilled to be part of the CDS Consulting Co-op. “It’s important to me after all these years in the co-op sector to share what I have learned. It’s so rewarding to be involved in helping co-ops grow,” she said.

Melanie’s services include:

“ Melanie's recommendations were insightful and included very reasonable ideas for taking my co-op's work environment from good to great - worth every single penny! ”

Care Kerlin, General Manager, Whole Foods Cooperative, Erie, Penn.

“ Melanie Reid’s experience and knowledge bring me a sense of calm and confidence. Melanie has conducted both Staff Surveys and an HR Audit for our Co-op as well as support in dealing with difficult situations. Melanie is both a professional and a pleasure to work with. Her work is thorough and her recommendations for improvement are backed by years of personal experience. ”

Jen Girty, Human Resources Manager, East End Food Co-op, Pittsburgh, Penn.

“ Melanie Reid conducted our staff survey and we were very pleased. The value of having an outside experienced surveyor gives the ability to look at the statistical relevance of the results and to benchmark with outside standards. The survey was well worth the money spent. We highly recommend Melanie. ”

Phyllis Miller, Board Chair, Maple City Market, Goshen Ind.

“ Some human resources consultants only understand the legal side of HR but cannot grasp our co-op staff culture. It is a breath of fresh air to work with someone with Melanie’s unique combination of experience. Melanie understands the staff challenges and goals I am working on from the general manager angle as well as the HR manager angle, and we’re excited about the huge difference we feel her experience will be able to make for our co-op! ”

Jacqueline Hannah, General Manager, Common Ground Food Co-op, Urbana, Ill.

“ Melanie has had great experience as a human resource manager and as a general manager. She did excellent work in both areas. She’s thorough, complete, very intelligent, and achieved great results in both areas. I look forward to using her consulting skills soon! ”

Mead Stone, General Manager, River Market, Stillwater, Minn.