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Pam Mehnert



Milwaukee, Wisconsin


(414) 350-6889


General Manager and CEO Coaching, Leadership Development, Interest Based Problem Solving (IBPS)

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Pam Mehnert has a passion for results.

She also loves to help people and organizations succeed and believes leadership development is the path for achievement.  Pam knows from 30+ years of experience managing Outpost Natural Foods in Milwaukee, Wisc. that finding win-win ways of working together is the essence of strong management.

Pam is formally trained in interest-based problem solving, an approach often used for union negotiations, but she has also used it as part of her management toolbox with teams, individuals and mentoring general managers.  “Identifying common goals, brainstorming ideas and finding solutions is what characterizes this method.”

She is also highly motivated to give leaders good mentorship from the outset, since it was something she wanted early in her career and knows how much benefit can come from it.  “Things like strategic planning, budgets, working with the board, and the accountability of the management team, those are often areas of development where mentorship provides necessary support.”

Pam thinks working with others to enact their vision and see results is part of the cooperative identity and a powerful reason for doing it.  “Leaders have to step up to create an organization that will be relevant in their community.  When people invest in themselves, they grow and develop and feel more empowered to do good work.”

Pam can help you with:

  • Leadership assessment and skill building
  • Accountability and the GM’s role in operations and leadership
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Building a strong relationship as with your board
  • Union/management relationships and problem solving