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Rose Marie Klee



Austin, Texas


(512) 736-6510


Board Leadership Development

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Rose Marie Klee’s enthusiasm for cooperatives and community alliances gives her a unique perspective on how people can work together effectively and accomplish their goals.

“My purpose is to give people the information and tools that allow them to spend their meeting time on what’s most important,” she said. She believes that mastering the fundamentals of governance process gives boards the skills to take their co-ops to the next level. “We’re in a time now when co-ops have the opportunity to transform their local economies,” Rose Marie said, and she is especially keen to work with co-ops and organizations that want to make a transition to high-functioning governance. Rose Marie also believes that board work should be engaging and enjoyable, and this is an important component of building an effective board. “It’s really fun and very powerful when governance is done well,” she said.

Rose Marie has played a pivotal leadership role in cooperative development in Austin, Texas, giving her extensive experience working with groups that get results. She has been board president of the Wheatsville Food Co-op, and a member of the Black Star Co-op Brew Pub board (the world’s first co-op brewpub!).

She is also a founding participant of the Austin Co-op Think Tank, a group that brings together co-ops from all sectors to work collaboratively on expanding awareness of the benefits of cooperative economics in the city of Austin. She is also “deeply in love with Austin” and her pride and commitment is evident through her involvement not just in co-ops, but as an appointee to the Austin Airport Advisory Commission (February 2012-October 2013), the CityWorks Academy, and the 2011 Leadership Austin Essential Class.

Rose Marie’s services include:

  • Adopting and implementing Policy Governance
  • Building a supportive board culture
  • Supporting board perpetuation
  • Facilitating meetings and retreats
  • Coaching board leaders
  • Fostering healthy relationships between board and management

“ Rose Marie loves co-ops so much, she chokes up when reading the Co-op principles aloud and she translates love into action. Rose Marie has a deep understanding of policy governance as a system that helps boards be better leaders. On Wheatsville’s board she has built capacity and leadership skills so that each board member is working to their fullest potential. ”

Dan Gillotte, General Manager, Wheatsville Co-op Austin, Texas

“ Rose Marie has the rare combination of passion, attention to detail, and dedication that is required to be the great leader she has proven herself to be. I have worked with her on two boards, and her ability to stay focused on the important issues, distill complex concepts, and mediate tough topics has always impressed me greatly. Her addition to the CDS Consulting Co-op team is to the great benefit of the co-op community. ”

Mark Wochner, former Board president, Black Star Co-op, Austin, Texas