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Sarah Dahl



Madison, Wisconsin


(608) 575-2199


Compensation Analysis, Employee Surveys, Human Resources Systems, Tools and Training

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Sarah Dahl is an expert at helping organizations with change and transition, and understands that there is a broad range of development needs at different stages.

In her 12 years as Willy Street Co-op’s human resources manager in Madison, Wisc., she was instrumental in using her skills as a project manager and people-person to build the co-op’s capacity as it grew to include three locations.

She is certified in Crucial Conversations, a method of communication that helps groups manage conflict and produce positive cultural change. “I feel strongly that communication issues can cause systemic problems. I want to contribute my skills to helping co-ops improve their ability to speak up about issues that need resolving in an effective way,” she said. Sarah also recognizes the role that data and research plays in human resources departments. “I actively enjoy translating spreadsheets into the real world and applying them to tangible actions that bring clients greater value.”

Before her employment at Willy Street, she worked in health care advocacy. Sarah said the experience really influenced her approach to promoting a workplace culture and benefits that are win-win for both employees and the business. She likes working in sectors that place a high value on staff participation and engagement, which is why she is deeply committed to the cooperative business model. “It’s really sparked my passion,” she said.

Sarah’s services include:

“ Sarah’s grasp of the complexity of compensation has been an indispensable asset and her grace as our management team digested these concepts cannot be overstated. ”

Zac Hamlin, human resources manager, Community Mercantile Co-op

“ Sarah was great – very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I have taken advantage of some of her workshops at meetings and CCMA as I appreciate her teaching approach and the value she brings to the time spent. ”

Stephen Nance, General Manager, Oryana Natural Foods Market

“ Sarah advice on our wage scale was invaluable. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is reviewing or overhauling their wage scale. ”

Tim Bartlett, general manager, Lexington Co-op

“ Sarah was a great resource -- offering timely, thoughtful, and practical solutions for improving our compensation package. ”

Lucy Georgoff, finance manager, Springfield Co-op

“ Sarah was a true pleasure to work with. Her ‘real world’ experience with Willy Street made me feel instantly like I could trust her judgement. Her analysis of our survey data was useful and her recommendations insightful. I really hope we get to work with her again. ”

Jon Roesser, Human Resources Manager, Weavers Way Co-op

“ Sarah Dahl is a smart, experienced HR person from an innovative and well-managed co-op. She is down to earth and has offered practical counsel to HR Managers around the country. In preparation for growth at my co-op, Sarah shared both her HR best practices in a multi-location co-op and her wisdom, greatly assisting my planning process. ”

Elizabeth Liddiard Wozniak, Human Resources Manager, Seward Community Co-op

“ Sarah brings an extensive co-op sector knowledge and a breadth of HR knowledge and experience. She is adept at wading through details to find relevant facts, and presenting material in a way that is clear and concise to a variety of audiences, laying the groundwork for well thought out next steps. ”

Anya Firzst, General Manager, Willy Street Co-op