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Tim Sullivan



Harlan, Iowa


(712) 579-6364


Interim Management Solutions

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Throughout his career, Tim Sullivan has worked in almost every retail grocery store department, including as a store director with the employee-owned regional supermarket Hy-Vee.

His expertise includes category management, labor, fresh food department merchandising and food production, inventory and expense control.  Tim also owned a restaurant with a scratch bakery and catering services that featured products from local and organic farms in Shelby County Iowa.  He began consulting work in 2007, and is now serving clients as an interim general manager with CDS Consulting Co-op.

Tim provides his clients a long list of expertise from operational understanding to cultivating staff leadership.  “Hiring an interim general manager is a good value for a co-op because not only do they get a GM, but they are essentially getting an onsite consultant who can work with all aspects of co-op’s operations,” he said.  “The IGM's job is to support all of the co-op’s leadership efforts.”  Tim is very hands-on day-to-day, but also very focused on what he sees as the big picture—doing good work to do good in the world.  “One thing I think differentiates co-ops is how we are in relationship with owners, customers and producers.  I love that part of the business, and it’s critical the general manager recognizes the importance of building those relationships.”

Tim also contributes his personal time and energy toward helping others improve their lives and natural ecosystems, including working with a wildlife refuge in Montana, offering support to refugees in Texas, and assisting in community development in Nicaragua.  “I see my co-op consulting as an extension of the same kind of work, supporting people’s efforts to create a better life and world,” he said.

Tim’s services include:

  • Interim General Management
  • Financial management
  • Increasing sales and profits
  • Category management
  • Retail merchandising, including specialty and fresh food departments
  • Building community relationships
  • Coaching staff for leadership