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Todd Wallace



Portland, Oregon


(503) 307-8797


Board Leadership Development

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Todd Wallace has been a proud member-owner of the CDS Consulting Co-op, a shared services cooperative of consultants dedicated to building and strengthening cooperative businesses, since 2009.

Before that he served on the board of his local food co-op for seven years, five as the board president. He currently works with the boards and management of cooperatives and like-minded non-profits as a trainer, coach, facilitator and consultant on matters of leadership, governance, successful board / management collaboration, and group process design. With clients in five different time zones, a life of constant travel has taught him to appreciate his lovely home of Portland, Oregon, where summers are too short and winter rains are an excuse for curling up with espresso drinks and a thick book. Lately, he’s become most excited by the questions cooperators are asking related to identity, long-term relevancy, impact, and creating a healthy democracy.

Todd’s services include:

  • Board leadership training and support
  • Retreat planning and facilitation
  • Ongoing consulting support to boards
  • Governance workshops and trainings
  • Board resource development

“ Todd is one of the keenest, savviest and kindest individuals I’ve ever worked with. He is an excellent listener and facilitator. He can speak to any topic immediately, clearly effectively and with passion whether on matters of governance or of leadership and organizational best practices in general. His impact on the River Market board is immeasurable. The co-op and its owners have and will continue to benefit immensely from his experience and influence. ”

Chris Kohtz, Co-chair & Vice President, River Market Co-op, Stillwater, Minn

“ Todd has been for me and my Board an invaluable ally and teacher. Todd is a great listener and instructor. He’s wise, he’s funny, he’s patient, he’s an encourager, he’s a gentle leader, and he has an amazing ability to correct me without making me feel like I was incorrect to begin with, how could you not love that! I would recommend Todd as a resource and guide whose value far exceeds his cost! ”

Emily Elmore, Board President, Fort Collins Food Co-op, Fort Collins, Colo.

“ I have worked with consultants for over 40 years and have not had a consultant like Todd Wallace, he has a continuous stream of insight on co-op concepts and an in-depth wealth of resources. There’s not a request he couldn’t answer. ”

Sam Rodriguez, Board President, Toledo Natural Food Co-op, Toledo, Ohio