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Wynston Estis



Madison, Wisconsin


(608) 215-4165


Project Management, Merchandising, Retail Department Performance and Operational Improvement

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Wynston Estis has worked in cooperatives for over 20 years, and she knows food co-op retail inside-out.

She’s held just about every retail position possible, including overseeing all retail departments as merchandising manager and supporting them as operations and project manager, including merchandising and product promotion, sustainability planning, facilities management and opening new sites.  At Willy Street Cooperative in Madison, Wisc., Wynston was the project manager for equipping and building their Middleton location and remodeling their Eastside flagship store.  She is currently serving clients as an interim general manager and providing project management services in the food co-op sector.

Wynston likes tackling complex projects, big and small, and is especially interested in helping co-ops institute and maintain operational improvement methods that improve efficiency and productivity.  Even in her personal time she is a fixer and a doer—helping people build things—it’s what she loves most in life and work.  It’s that kind of enthusiasm and passion she delivers to clients.

“Often when a co-op improves its operations and process, people begin to enjoy their work more, and it’s nice to see them thrive,” Wynston said.  As natural food retailing gains a foothold in more communities, Wynston thinks that co-ops need to do more of what they’re good at:  engagement and innovation.  But not at the sacrifice of good retail systems.  “We can be unique in our communities, but we can’t put that ahead of offering our customers premier service.  We can and should be the best in the marketplace,” she said.  “This is good work, and fun work, with a huge impact on the bottom line.”

Wynston’s services include:

•    Interim General Management  
•    Financial improvement 
•    Sales growth 
•    Pricing and margin
•    Merchandising
•    Project management
•    Operations and inter-store department management
•    Facilities management and store layout evaluations

“ As our Interim General Manager, Wynston’s exceptional supervisory and leadership skills led a store/staff/owner “turnaround” that resulted in improved profits and increased owner enrollment – quickly accomplishing what most businesses take years to achieve. ”

Mona Harmon-Bowman, director, Fiddleheads Food Co-op, New London, Connecticut