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Do you know which consultant you need?

Members of CDS Consulting Co-op specialize in a variety of areas. Our consultants can be found by clicking here. If you know which consultant you would like to contact, you can find their contact information in individual profile.  For a general contact information for CDS Consulting Co-op, click here

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CDS Consulting Co-op specializes in providing consulting services to cooperatives in the below areas -- for a comprehensive listing of our services, click here.  The primary consultant for each service area is list below as well.  Please feel free to contact them for any additional information:

 Expand & Grow -- Jeanie Wells

 Develop Your Talent -- Carolee Colter

 Improving Operations -- Jeanie Wells

 Participation -- Mark Goehring

 Cooperative Governance -- Thane Joyal

 Start a Food Co-op -- Mark Goehring

Do you still need help in determining how we can help you?      

CDS Consulting Co-op manager, Mark Goehring, can assist you in determining which of our consultants and service areas will best meet your needs.    

Check out our open-access library!

It is a great resource for understanding all of the particulars of good governance - from agenda planning to policy templates, you can find it all in our Library.