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The CBLD program fee for 2019 participation will be $7,160 for the year. This is a 3% increase over the fee in 2018. The fee is invoiced quarterly in March, June, September and December. 

Limited financial support is available for those in need. We are committed to providing high value, and creating and sustaining the highest quality client/consultant relationships. We welcome conversations to explore the value we bring and our relationship with you and your organization - contact Thane Joyal.

In addition to your participation fee, your organization will also need to budget for logistical costs for your retreat and travel costs for your consultant to attend, travel costs for your directors to attend in-person events, telephone costs associated with consulting calls, and a modest fee per participant of the Co-op Cafe.

To enroll in CBLD or for more information about the program, please contact Thane Joyal by email or phone, 315-380-4522.

If you would like to register for an in-person event — CBL 101, Applied Governance Topics Course, or Co-op Cafe — please visit the In-person Events page for a full description and for a link to the registration form.



Associated Consultants

Mark Goehring

Leadership Development, Cooperative Governance, Facilitation, Member Linkage

“ I'm impressed with the work of the CBLD team and the CBLD program and I encourage co-op boards and managers to participate in the program. It's made a big difference! ”

C.E. Pugh, Chief Operating Officer, National Co+op Grocers

“ I cannot imagine where the food co-op sector would be today without the trail-blazing CDS Consulting Co-op has done in cooperative governance. They have created a truly cooperative way forward for boards to lead in a transparent, dynamic way that both protects the health of the business and encourages community democracy. ”

Jacqueline Hannah, General Manager, Common Ground Food Co-op, Urbana, Ill.

“ Our CBLD consultant has, after eight years, become a trusted partner in our board work...from helping to rework our board meeting agenda to build in valuable strategic discussion time, to working with our board and our committee chairs in planning retreats. ”

Janice Parker, former Board Administrator, PCC Natural Markets

Associated Case Studies

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