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Everyone Welcome?

Everyone Welcome? 

Are you seeking to be more informed and proactive about racial equity in food co-ops? Has uncertainty about how to begin a respectful conversation stood in the way of your intentions? Bridging the racial divide starts with sharing personal stories as a path to understanding and problem-solving the race-related inequities that plague our organizations today.  In this workshop, you will participate in activities designed to encourage productive conversations about race. You’ll leave with tools for facilitating your own conversations and initiating change for greater equity and stronger community relationships.

This workshop will be an opportunity specifically for directors and others in retail food cooperatives to discuss and explore issues related to race. Drawing from the material in the thought provoking collection entitled Everyone Welcome?, we'll explore past and present to imagine a future where everyone is truly welcome at every retail food co-op.

Costs for Participation

The cost to attend the CBL 101 is included in the annual CBLD program fee. (Not in CBLD? Please contact Thane Joyal for more information.)

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Logistical Overview of Events

This event follows a partial-day schedule beginning at 9:00 and ending in the early afternoon (approximately 2:30).  Breakfast is available starting at 8:30 -- we will provide participants with light breakfast and lunch as well as light snacks and beverages at breaks during the day.  Upon completion of this workshop, there will be an optional opportunity to engage in an informal discussion following the Everyone Welcome? workshop.

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