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Our team of consultants looks forward to supporting you and your board.

We are committed to providing high value by creating and sustaining the highest quality client/consultant relationships.  While your board will work with a primary consultant, we function as a team, collaborating on resources and approaches to support your board’s particular needs.

Top row: Art SherwoodJade Barker, Ben Sandel, Leslie Watson, Joshua YoungbloodMarilyn Scholl 
Bottom row: Martha WhitmanMark Goehring, Rose Marie KleeMichael Healy, Thane Joyal, Todd Wallace

We are members of the CDS Consulting Co-op, a group of independent consultants with a rich history of supporting cooperative development.

Our team of independent consultants specialize in helping your board and General Manager work together to govern and lead your organization.  We each offer individual services upon request, but most of our clients access our services through the award-winning, innovative Cooperative Board Leadership Development Program (known as CBLD and pronounced C-build). Contact us to enroll today!

Associated Consultants

Adam Schwartz

Creating a Cooperative Culture, Connecting Co-ops across Sectors

Art Sherwood

Board Leadership Development, Strategy and GM/CEO Coaching

Ben Sandel

Leadership Development, Startup Co-ops, Capitalization

Jade Barker

Board Leadership Development

Leslie Watson

Board Leadership Development

Marilyn Scholl

Cooperative Governance, Board Training, Facilitation, and Assessment, Cooperative Development

Mark Goehring

Leadership Development, Cooperative Governance, Facilitation, Member Linkage

Martha Whitman

Board Leadership Development

Michael Healy

Cooperative Governance, Team Building, Communication

Patricia Cumbie

Co-op Education and Ownership Programs

Rebecca Torpie

Marketing and Brand Strategy

Rose Marie Klee

Board Leadership Development

Thane Joyal

Board Leadership Development, Cooperative Governance, Bylaw Support

Todd Wallace

Board Leadership Development

“ I'm impressed with the work of the CBLD team and the CBLD program and I encourage co-op boards and managers to participate in the program. It's made a big difference! ”

C.E. Pugh, Chief Operating Officer, National Co+op Grocers

“ Our CBLD consultant has, after eight years, become a trusted partner in our board work...from helping to rework our board meeting agenda to build in valuable strategic discussion time, to working with our board and our committee chairs in planning retreats. ”

Janice Parker, former Board Administrator, PCC Natural Markets

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