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CBLD for Startups

We support startups via the CBLD for Startups program and we welcome inquiries from very small co-ops and organizations. 

The CBLD for Startups program supports start-ups in both business and leadership development. Wherever you are on the development continuum, our consultants will guide you and help your group make good decisions. Ongoing support, starting early in the process increases the likelihood of ultimate success by minimizing costly mistakes, reducing burnout, maintaining focus, and improving decisions and group process. 

CBLD services work with the Four Cornerstones in Three Stages model and is coordinated with work done by other CDS Consulting Co-op consultants, the Food Co-op Initiative, and the NCG Development Co-op.

CBLD for Startups includes everything in CBLD plus five bonus hours to be used during the year. Not far enough along in organizing to be ready for CBLD this year? Contact us for information about special arrangements for governance development & support for the very new and very small.

Contact Thane Joyal for more information about CBLD for Startups.

Associated Consultants

Mark Goehring

Leadership Development, Cooperative Governance, Facilitation, Member Linkage

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