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A satisfying and productive workplace is built upon sound systems and structure. We can help your co-op achieve its goals with collaborative problem solving services.

CDS Consulting Co-op HR consultants offer two different types of audits.

Policy Compliance Audit, which is a selective review of HR practices specifically targeted to provide data for management monitoring reports on staff treatment and compensation. Depending on the language of those policies, a Policy Compliance Audit can, for example, provide objective, third-party data to demonstrate that:

  • Documentation, security and retention of personnel records are adequate
  • Personnel policies include fair, thorough ways of handling workplace conflicts, and inform staff that employment is neither permanent or guaranteed
  • Compensation and benefits are equitable
  • The general manager’s own compensation and benefits comply with board decisions

Policy compliance audits can complement policy compliance surveys to give boards and general managers a complete set of tools to determine compliance with Staff Treatment policies.

Full HR Systems Audits carefully and objectively examine all aspects of the human resources function: personnel policies, hiring, orientation and training, performance evaluation, compensation, corrective action including termination, safety, recordkeeping and organizational development.

height=225We recommend a full audit every 5 years. An audit of your co-op’s HR systems can help you:

  • Demonstrate that management is in compliance with board policies on treatment of staff
  • Ensure that that your HR practices are in compliance with federal and state laws
  • Find improvements you could make in administrative efficiency
  • Prepare for expansion and growth by taking your HR systems to the next level

An audit can answer questions such as:

  • Are documentation, security and retention of personnel records adequate to comply with employment laws, prevent identity theft, and provide information for personnel decisions?
  • Are the personnel policies themselves legally compliant?
  • Does documentation for corrective action dovetail with the co-op’s own policies? Is documentation consistent across departments and supervisors?
  • Are evaluations timely? If not, is the process unduly cumbersome?
  • Are all eligible staff signing up for benefits? If not, is information on benefits easy for staff to access and written in straightforward language?

Associated Consultants

Carolee Colter

Employee Surveys, Human Resources Systems, Tools and Training

Melanie Reid

Employee Surveys, Human Resources Systems, Tools and Training

Sarah Dahl

Compensation Analysis, Employee Surveys, Human Resources Systems, Tools and Training

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