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Open Book Management Implementation

Introducing Open Book Management (OBM) can be fun and rewarding.

This management model can increase efficiency and engagement of staff members in the economic success of the business. To help General Managers implement Open Book successfully, our consultants have developed a program with tools and resources to make the process easier. Our consultants have experience both in the implementation of new OBM initiatives and in the assessment and reinvigoration of ongoing OBM programs.

The process for implementing OBM can take from 3-6 months and requires a significant commitment of time and energy from you and the small group of managers and staff who will form your implementation committee. By working with a consultant your implementation process can be more efficient and avoid mistakes that can cost valuable time and resources.

To support OBM implementation, we can:

  • Assess your readiness to implement Open Book Management at your Co-op
  • Provide information, guidance and support as you work through our three-step implementation process
  • Conduct on-site training and hands-on assistance at the time that you roll out Open Book and hold your first OBM meeting

Associated Consultants

Carolee Colter

Employee Surveys, Human Resources Systems, Tools and Training

Jeanie Wells

Capacity Assessment, Transitional Planning and Coaching

Melanie Reid

Employee Surveys, Human Resources Systems, Tools and Training

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