Expand & Grow Co-ops

Expansions can be risky and rewarding experiences. Minimize risk with strong feasibility assessment, organizational alignment and careful planning.

Our consultants have supported over 250 food co-op expansion projects over the last 30 years. We understand both retail business and cooperative associations and can help you strengthen and integrate best practices for both in your business. We also emphasize the use of data to make important decisions, giving you assurance and advice from respected sources you can trust. From our proprietary customer transaction data, staff survey results, and CoCoFiSt, our recommendations are based on data.

Features and Benefits

CDS Consulting Co-op has a broad range of services to help, including:

  • Expansion readiness and alignment: Our experienced consultants will guide an effective process of building commitment, alignment and making good decisions
  • Feasibility: We will assess the feasibility of your project
  • Planning and building capacity: Our cost-effective services will help you achieve success
  • Implementation: We will support developing and implementing store systems


Associated Consultants

Ben Sandel

Leadership Development, Startup Co-ops, Capitalization

Debbie Suassuna

Market/Location Analysis, Real Estate/Expansion Analysis, Consumer Research

Jeanie Wells

Capacity Assessment, Transitional Planning and Coaching

Mel Braverman

Operational and Financial Improvement

Melanie Reid

Employee Surveys, Human Resources Systems, Tools and Training