Improve Operations

Strengthening your current operations is part of planning for growth. We help food retailers create great shopping environments for their customers and generate strong financial performance.

A critical point in development and improvement is when an operation is poised to grow. The need for efficiency, profitability, and best practices is paramount.

Our goal is to assist your store in creating a great shopping experience for customers. In addition to store merchandising and promotions, our services address behind-the-sales-floor activities that can build profitability and capacity. CDS Consulting Co-op believes your growth promotes strong communities and ethical business practices.

Features and Benefits

The CDS CC Operational Improvement team is committed to helping you achieve the goals you set. Our experience is predicated on a deep understanding of successful retailing and the importance of building competence through store teams working together. Our clients consistently report that our services make a difference and that the results in profitability and efficiency give value far beyond the initial investment. Our consultants are ready to assist your co-op with these valuable tools.

Associated Consultants

Garland McQueen

Operational and Financial Improvement, Interim Management Solutions

James Morrell

Produce Merchandising Consultant

Jeanie Wells

Capacity Assessment, Transitional Planning and Coaching

Mel Braverman

Operational and Financial Improvement

Melanie Reid

Employee Surveys, Human Resources Systems, Tools and Training

Paul Feiner, LPC

Loss Prevention Strategies & Solutions

Wynston Estis

Project Management, Merchandising, Retail Department Performance and Operational Improvement