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Marketing and Branding

In the age of technology, social media and high speed internet people are much more selective about the marketing and advertising they let through their filter.

The average person needs to be hit with the same message or brand 70 times before they register it.  Our marketing and branding team are experts in co-op marketing, a necessity in today’s ever changing and fast growing markets. We meet with marketing and co-op staff and gather information on the surrounding community to create detailed and customized marketing strategies that are specific to each co-op. Our marketing and branding services include:

  • Brand audits
  • Understand and respond to marketplace competition
  • Develop marketing and branding plans
  • Create graphics that are easy to update and represent your co-op’s image
  • Effective store promotions: merchandising, display, signage, and graphics
  • Support and optimize marketing manager and marketing team success  
  • Marketing strategies for successful owner loan campaign
  • Store Opening Support
  • Store planning and design
  • Social media strategy


Associated Consultants

Patricia Cumbie

Co-op Education and Ownership Programs

Rebecca Torpie

Marketing and Brand Strategy

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