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Pricing and margins

Building Effective Pricing Strategies

Competition is one of the greatest challenges you have to address to foster your store’s success.

Consumers have many options for meeting their needs. This dynamic, competitive environment can cause downward pressure on sales and margins. Effective pricing strategies are critical to remain competitive in your marketplace and achieve your co-op’s financial goals. Our consultants will work with you and your team to help you understand the competitive environment and develop pricing strategies to achieve your goals.

  • Assess your current pricing, brand and messaging
  • Develop price strategy for your marketplace with your management team
  • Provide effective tools to sustain your pricing strategy:
    • Contribution to margin spreadsheet
    • Price comparison survey
    • Price decision tree
    • Pricing strategy model (AVPOM)
    • Pricing strategy webinar
  • Provide training and support for effective pricing strategies:
    • Differentiation your co-op’s message from those of competitors
    • Critical price points
    • Price ranges
    • Multi-unit pricing
    • Product pricing: introductory, discontinued and local products

Category Management, Effective Margin and Sales Strategies

To serve your customers, your co-op needs to offer a breadth and diversity of products, balancing their needs and wants with product sales. Our consultants have the experience to help you achieve that balance using category management to help your store offer the best product mix to serve your customers and grow your sales. We can assist you with these key areas of category management:

  • Allocate shelf space for each category
  • Key product spacing and placement
  • Contribution to margin tool to gain an understanding of the financial impact of your approach
  • Sales strategies (merchandising assessments, promotional strategies)
  • Appropriate inventory levels for each department

Inventory management

Retailers need to invest their inventory dollars on products that customers want. Achieve your sales goals by focusing on the most critical products. Our consultants can help you manage your inventory to maximize productivity, free up cash and increase sales.

  • Train staff to use inventory and margin management tools
  • Assess current inventory management practices
  • Establish appropriate benchmarks
  • Assist department managers in developing plans to achieve their benchmarks
  • Inventory management tools
  • Staff training

Associated Consultants

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Capacity Assessment, Transitional Planning and Coaching

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Operational and Financial Improvement

Wynston Estis

Project Management, Merchandising, Retail Department Performance and Operational Improvement

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