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Key Indicator Training

Key Indicator Training

CDS Consulting Co-op offers a two-day key indicator training geared toward general managers, department managers and staff responsible for any of the following: pricing, margin control, inventory control, labor control and/or merchandising. We will work with you to custom design the training to meet your staff’s specific needs in areas including:

  • Margin management
  • Labor management
  • Inventory management
  • Sales growth

The workshop includes one day in a group setting followed by one day of one-on-one meetings to ensure your team will be able to use the tools effectively. Day one is a full day workshop-presentation, problem solving and discussion. The workshop focuses on: defining the way key indicators are measured, how/where they impact financials, presentation of tools and tactics for best practices, problem solving in each area and general discussion focused on the co-op’s issues. Our consultants will also expose your group to industry benchmarks for these key indicators as well as highlight where these indicators impact your co-op’s financial performance

The second day of the workshop is designed for one-on-one and/or department meetings with workshop attendees. We respond to questions/concerns for the information delivered in the workshop and we focus on how to implement the tools/tactics into each attendee’s department.