Member Participation and Engagement

Member Participation and Engagement

Creating entrance points within the co-op to welcome people and increase their understanding of cooperation allows people to move with ease from one place on the spectrum of involvement and loyalty to another.

The CDS Consulting Co-op advocates for democratic participation in co-ops using the paradigm of Own, Use, Serve and Belong that inspires innovation and leadership in our cooperatives.

CDS Consulting Co-op can assess your co-op’s operational abilities to carry out a successful member services program and recommend improvements to any aspect of your outreach activities.

A member services evaluation may include assistance with the following:

  • Ownership recruitment materials and training
  • Ownership systems: member services database, stock records, patronage dividend systems, process for joining the co-op, membership drives
  • Outreach to current members: internal and external outreach plans
  • Education and training
  • Member meetings and community education
  • CBLD is a calendar-year program designed to assist your board all year long. In addition to the CBLD program, our consultants offer a wide range of board development services to meet your needs

Associated Consultants

Adam Schwartz

Creating a Cooperative Culture, Connecting Co-ops across Sectors

Mark Goehring

Leadership Development, Cooperative Governance, Facilitation, Member Linkage

Patricia Cumbie

Co-op Education and Ownership Programs

Rebecca Torpie

Marketing and Brand Strategy

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